Main Courses

Comes with your choice of Rice and Peas or Macaroni Pie; Caribbean Bean Salad or Steamed Cabbage; and a side of Plantains.

Vegetarian Platter Available.

Jammin’ Jerk Chicken
Fragrant and slow-smoked with all of the sweet, spicy, hot and herbal flavors that you love about Caribbean cuisine.

Vegetarian platter
Enjoy our world—famous macaroni Pie along with rice and peas, Carribbean Bean Salad, Steamed Cabbage and Plantains

Francophone Creole Fish
Seasoned deep fried fish, smothered in a flavorful creole sauce, and topped with sautéed vegetables.

Calypso Curry Chicken


Caribbean Favorites

Roti – The Wrap of The Caribbean
A soft Indian-influenced flat bread filled with beef, chicken or shrimp, and curried potatoes. Vegetarian option Available.

Flaming Bajan Fish Cakes
Delicate, tasty, salted codfish fritters, bursting with fresh herbs, deep-fried with dipping sauce.

Jamaican Patties
Delicious, flaky, curry-flavored pastries filled with beef and rich, Caribbean spice.

Jammin’ Jerk Wings
Imagine the Jammin Jerk Flavors melting in your mouth with these whole wings.



San Pelligrino



Dr. Pepper

Authentic Caribbean Beverages