About TBaby’s

We are a family-owned and operated mobile food truck committed to providing customers an authentic, high quality and delicious Caribbean food experience.

What’s in a Name

Our name is also symbolic. We landed on the name T Baby’s because everyone in our home is a “T” Baby. My wife’s name is Tafrica, my girls are Taraji, Talia and Tajia, and my name is Terrence. Each of us were also born on a day that begins with the letter “T”.

We thought it would be fitting to name this family-owned and operated truck to honor this tradition.

The Story of Our Design

We designed our trailer to resemble a Caribbean Chattel House for two primary reasons. First, historically after slavery the locals could own the home, but they were not allowed to own the land. They had to construct their homes in such a way that they could be easily mobile and removed from a plot at a moment’s notice. The mobile nature of this traditional Caribbean home is in line with the operations of a food truck. We wanted our design to convey that important point of history.

Second, it is customary for locals to purchase home-cooked meals from the windows of these Chattel Houses in the Caribbean. In a nutshell, this is how the locals eat in the Caribbean.

We are excited to bring this authentic Caribbean experience to Greater Indianapolis.

Caribbean Cuisine

To say that we specialize in authentic Caribbean cuisine is a both a statement of pride and at once an oxymoron. For what we call “authentic” Caribbean cuisine in reality represents the cultural hybridity that characterizes Caribbean society, and is a creative, creolized fusion of traditional Carib Indian, African, European, East Indian and Chinese cuisine. Caribbean cuisine is both style and process, taste and experience.

At T Baby’s we strive to replicate that style and process using traditional processes common across the Caribbean in order to deliver customers with a “just-like-home” Caribbean experience. The result is succulent tastes that mimics the mouth-watering flavors of the Caribbean served with genuine Caribbean hospitality.